Sunday, December 1, 2013

Passage from Great Exuma to Calabash Bay, Long Island... We had a "swell" time!

Although we enjoyed our stay in the Bahamas, it was time to head out for new waters and new beginnings!  

We departed Great Exuma, Bahamas on Sunday, December 1, 2013.  We sailed to Calabash Bay, Long Island, and anchored for the night.  We had a "swell" evening... for you non-boaters out there, "swells" are the devil incarnate when it's time to get a good night's sleep.  What happens is the boat is pointing in the direction of the wind at anchor and the "swell" (BIG rolling wave) is coming from a different direction from the wind. The boat rocks and rolls making for an uncomfortable anchorage.  Calabash Bay was our first anchorage in the Bahamas where we experienced swell. 

Suffice it to say, conversation ensued between LA and Susan about devising a "swell bridle".  Let me back up... NOT a conversation..... Susan was talking... LA was having to listen.  I pulled out Bruce Van Sant's handy Passages South and proceeded to give LA step-by-step instructions (which, by the way, are EXCRUCIATING for him.. or any other man, by the way) on how to make a "swell bridle".  I recited "1.  Attach a line to your anchor chain and bring it back to an aft winch and belay the line to a cleat to secure it. 2.  Let out more anchor chain until the boat has positioned into the swell.  You will now sit at a very comfortable 90 degrees to the wind and directly into the swell which will be a much more pleasant ride for the night."  Sounds easy, doesn't it?

 HOWEVER, LA was not in the mood to take aforesaid advice. 1.  He was TIRED. 2. He had already had 2 sundowners when I came up with this bright idea. 3. It was late in the evening. 4. He was TIRED.  So, no swell bridle for me!  I pouted a little bit (ok, a lot!) and tried to make him feel guilty, but to no avail. I just wanted him to do what I wanted him to do and he was having none of it.  He is the captain, after all! 

As much as I hate to admit it, it really was not that rolly for the night.  The waves calmed down and we ended up getting a good night's sleep.  

The plan for the following morning was to move on to Conception Island, depending on weather. Stay tuned.

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